On 17 May 1977, the representatives of the Consortia DOC of Brescia, Pavia and Sondrio met for a joint examination on the tax aspects of the consortia and after a careful examination of the problem, shortly agreed to the establishment of a regional association. Consortia emphasized the importance of a regional intervention in the matter and paid attention to the opportunity of the structures successful as theirs, to be recognized and referred to by the law, just as organisms in which the region could carry out its programs in the field of specialized service in the interest of thousands of small producers.

Consequently AS.CO.VI.LO. was formed on July, 28 1977 as an nonprofit association of II°; the consortia- founders were Oltrepo Pavese and the Voluntary Consortium for the defense of typical wines of Brescia, based at the Regional Department of Agriculture of the Region of Lombardy, which was situated in Viale Premuda, 27. Subsequently the Wine Consortia of Mantova, Valcalepio, Valtellina and San Colombano joined the Association. The recording of the first statute took place on February 21, 1979.

In the first Board of Directors on April, 24 1979 there was emphasized the importance of strategies to promote and give prestige to the Doc products of Lombardy and coordination of individual consortia as they are valuable tools to fully discharge their institutional duties by promoting the growth of the awareness of the wine policy and at the same time raise the technical, viticultural and enological level, with a suitable capillary assistance that takes into account not only the control of the manufacture, but placing on the market wines of a higher quality.


Promoting and enhancing the area, at the time without uniqueness, therefore, with the establishment of the association tutelage consortia were represented by a single organ which could represent the association in the various institutional issues and the tutelage and since the very establishment the association coined its slogan as “Wines of Lombardy”. This has led to learn and work together, mixing the different interests and different needs, putting together the objectives and identify issues to improve everyone’s work and do fully know the importance of favoring the products of their region.

Since then, AS.CO.VI.LO shared with the Consortia and the Lombardy Region all steps of assistance and the promotion of production typical of Lombardy.